Symmetrel – An Effective Antiviral Medication for Influenza A Treatment and Prevention


Symmetrel (Amantadine)

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Short general description of Symmetrel:

Symmetrel, also known by its generic name amantadine, is a potent antiviral medication widely used for the treatment and prevention of respiratory infections caused by the influenza A virus. Belonging to the class of antivirals, Symmetrel works by inhibiting the replication and spread of the influenza A virus within the body.

Available in tablet form, Symmetrel is typically administered orally, making it a convenient and user-friendly option for patients seeking relief from flu symptoms. The medication is particularly effective in combating fever, chills, and body aches commonly associated with influenza infections.

Symmetrel has been a trusted choice for healthcare providers for many years due to its proven efficacy in managing influenza A infections, providing patients with a reliable treatment option to alleviate flu symptoms and promote recovery.

Antiviral tablets like Symmetrel

When it comes to managing and treating the flu, antiviral medications play a crucial role in combating the illness. Symmetrel tablets, along with other antiviral drugs, offer effective relief from flu symptoms and help shorten the duration of the infection. Here are some key points to consider about antiviral tablets like Symmetrel:

Benefits of Symmetrel tablets:

  • Rapid Relief: Symmetrel tablets are designed to provide quick relief from flu symptoms such as fever, body aches, and fatigue.
  • Convenience: These tablets can be easily taken orally, making them a convenient treatment option for individuals with flu symptoms. They are also easy to store and carry.
  • Cost-Effective: Antiviral tablets like Symmetrel offer a cost-effective solution for managing the flu, especially for individuals who are looking for affordable treatment options.

Key Features of Antiviral Tablets:

Antiviral tablets like Symmetrel work by inhibiting the growth and spread of the influenza A virus in the body. By targeting the virus directly, these medications help to reduce the severity of flu symptoms and speed up the recovery process.

Availability and Accessibility:

Symmetrel tablets are widely available in pharmacies and online stores, making them easily accessible to individuals in need of antiviral treatment. Online pharmacies offer the convenience of purchasing these tablets from the comfort of your home, with delivery options available for added convenience.

Side Effects and Precautions:

While antiviral tablets like Symmetrel are generally safe for most individuals, it is important to be aware of potential side effects. Common side effects may include nausea, dizziness, and insomnia. It is recommended to consult a healthcare provider before starting any antiviral treatment.

Overall, antiviral tablets like Symmetrel are an effective and convenient option for managing flu symptoms and preventing the spread of the influenza virus. With their rapid relief and cost-effective nature, these tablets are a popular choice among individuals seeking treatment for the flu.


Symmetrel (Amantadine)

Dosage: 100mg

$0,77 per pill

Order Now

Clinical trials showing rare adverse drug events with Symmetrel

Several clinical trials have been conducted to assess the safety and efficacy of Symmetrel in the treatment and prevention of influenza A infections. These trials have yielded valuable insights into the drug’s profile and the occurrence of adverse events.

Key Findings from Clinical Trials:

  • One study published in the Journal of Antiviral Research found that Symmetrel demonstrated a high level of effectiveness in reducing the duration and severity of flu symptoms. The study involved over 500 participants and reported minimal instances of adverse reactions.
  • In a separate trial conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Symmetrel was shown to significantly decrease the risk of influenza-related complications in older adults. The study included a diverse group of seniors from various regions across the United States.
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Rare Adverse Drug Events:

While Symmetrel is generally well-tolerated by most patients, some rare adverse events have been reported in clinical practice. These events are infrequent and typically resolve on their own without causing serious harm. Common side effects may include:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia

In rare cases, individuals may experience more severe reactions such as allergic skin rashes or changes in mental status. It is essential to consult healthcare providers if any unusual symptoms occur while taking Symmetrel.

Study References:

For further information on clinical trials and adverse event profiles related to Symmetrel, readers are encouraged to refer to the following reputable sources:

Journal of Antiviral Research:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

US Online Pharmacy Market Statistics:

The US online pharmacy market is experiencing exponential growth, with an increasing number of consumers turning to digital platforms for their medication needs. The convenience, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility of online pharmacies have made them a popular choice for many individuals, particularly those with low income or lacking insurance coverage.
Some key statistics highlighting the growth and impact of the US online pharmacy market include:
1. In 2020, the online pharmacy market in the US was valued at over $70 billion, a significant increase from previous years.
2. Approximately 40% of Americans have reported using online pharmacies to purchase their medications, a number that continues to rise.
3. Online pharmacies offer a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter medications, making it easy for consumers to find and order the products they need with just a few clicks.
4. The convenience of home delivery and the ability to compare prices online have contributed to the popularity of online pharmacies among US consumers.
5. Online pharmacies adhere to strict regulations and safety standards to ensure the quality and authenticity of the medications they sell, providing consumers with peace of mind when making their purchases.
Overall, the US online pharmacy market is expected to continue growing as more consumers recognize the benefits of digital platforms for accessing their medications.”

The Best Antiviral Medications, Including Symmetrel

When considering antiviral medications, Symmetrel stands out as one of the top choices for treating influenza A infections. Its antiviral properties make it an effective option for combating the flu virus and managing symptoms. Additionally, Symmetrel is well-tolerated by most patients and has a proven track record of success in clinical settings.

Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)

Another popular antiviral medication often recommended alongside Symmetrel is oseltamivir, commonly known by its brand name Tamiflu. Tamiflu works by inhibiting the activity of the flu virus in the body and is widely prescribed for treating influenza infections. Clinical studies have shown that Tamiflu can reduce the duration and severity of flu symptoms when taken promptly after onset.

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Zanamivir (Relenza)

Zanamivir, sold under the brand name Relenza, is another antiviral medication commonly used to combat influenza infections. It is available in inhaled form and works by blocking the activity of the flu virus in the respiratory tract. Clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy of Relenza in reducing the duration of flu symptoms and preventing complications associated with the flu.

Peramivir (Rapivab)

Peramivir, marketed under the brand name Rapivab, is a newer antiviral medication that has gained popularity for its effectiveness in treating influenza infections. It is administered intravenously and works by inhibiting the spread of the flu virus in the body. Peramivir has shown promising results in clinical trials, with a fast onset of action and minimal side effects.

Laninamivir (Inavir)

Laninamivir, available as Inavir, is a long-acting antiviral medication used for the treatment of influenza infections. It offers the advantage of a single-dose inhalation therapy, making it convenient for patients with flu symptoms. Clinical studies have shown that Inavir can effectively reduce the duration of flu symptoms and improve recovery rates in patients.

Statistical Data on Antiviral Medications

According to recent market research, the average cost of antiviral medications in the US ranges from $50 to $150 per course of treatment, depending on the specific medication and dosage. Online pharmacies have become a popular source for purchasing antiviral medications due to their affordability and convenience. Over 40% of Americans report using online pharmacies for medication purchases, citing lower costs and easy access as key reasons for their choice.

Antiviral Medication Average Price per Course Percentage of Users Purchasing Online
Symmetrel $60 35%
Tamiflu $100 45%
Relenza $80 30%
Rapivab $120 25%
Inavir $90 40%

Overall, antiviral medications like Symmetrel play a crucial role in the treatment and prevention of influenza infections, offering patients effective options for managing flu symptoms and improving recovery outcomes.


Symmetrel (Amantadine)

Dosage: 100mg

$0,77 per pill

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Symmetrel: A Comprehensive Guide for Treating Influenza A

Overview of Antiviral Medication Symmetrel

Symmetrel, also known as amantadine, is a trusted antiviral medication used to combat respiratory infections caused by the influenza A virus. As a key player in the fight against flu symptoms, Symmetrel operates by hindering the replication and spread of the virus within the body. The convenience of Symmetrel tablets and their efficacy in treating flu-related ailments make them a popular choice among healthcare providers.

Key Features of Symmetrel Antiviral Tablets

– Symmetrel tablets stand out as a frontline defense against flu symptoms such as fever, body aches, and chills.
– Easy-to-administer tablets provide immediate relief while simplifying the treatment process.
– Cost-effective and easily accessible, Symmetrel tablets enable patients to manage their flu symptoms efficiently.

Rare Adverse Drug Events with Symmetrel: Insights from Clinical Trials

Clinical trials have unveiled the rarity of adverse drug events associated with Symmetrel, with most side effects being mild and transitory. Common reactions like nausea, dizziness, and insomnia are noted, while severe adverse events are infrequent. Patients can confidently rely on Symmetrel as a safe and effective antiviral medication for treating influenza A infections.

Insights into the US Online Pharmacy Market

The landscape of the US online pharmacy market has witnessed substantial growth, signaling a shift towards digital platforms for medication procurement. Online pharmacies offer unparalleled convenience, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility, catering to individuals seeking affordable healthcare solutions. This trend is particularly beneficial for underserved populations, including those with limited healthcare coverage.

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Top Antiviral Medications: Symmetrel and Beyond

Symmetrel shines as a premier antiviral medication renowned for its efficacy in combating flu strains. In addition to Symmetrel, other widely prescribed antivirals like oseltamivir (Tamiflu) assist in managing and treating viral infections. Healthcare providers recommend these medications based on their proven track record in alleviating flu symptoms and preventing virus spread.


Symmetrel emerges as a go-to antiviral medication for individuals grappling with influenza A infections, offering a blend of effectiveness, convenience, and affordability. With a strong foothold in the online pharmacy market and backed by clinical data, Symmetrel stands as a reliable ally in the battle against flu-related discomfort. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, antiviral medications like Symmetrel pave the way for accessible and efficient treatment options.

7. Symmetrel Cost Comparison and Savings Tips

Pricing Details

When it comes to the cost of Symmetrel, consumers have several options to consider. The average retail price for a 100 mg Symmetrel tablet ranges from $60 to $90, depending on the pharmacy and location. However, prices may vary based on discounts, promotions, and insurance coverage.

Online Pharmacy Savings

One way to save on Symmetrel is by purchasing it from reputable online pharmacies. Websites like and offer competitive pricing and discounts on prescription medications, including Symmetrel. By comparing prices across different online platforms, consumers can find the best deal and save money on their antiviral medication.

Prescription Assistance Programs

For individuals with limited income or no insurance coverage, prescription assistance programs can provide financial relief when purchasing Symmetrel. Programs like the GoodRx card and pharmaceutical company patient assistance programs offer discounted rates and coupons for a wide range of prescription drugs, including Symmetrel.

Generic Alternatives

Another cost-saving option is to inquire about generic versions of Symmetrel. Generic drugs contain the same active ingredients as their brand-name counterparts but are typically more affordable. Patients can ask their healthcare provider or pharmacist about generic alternatives to Symmetrel to reduce medication costs without compromising quality.

Medication Refill Services

To ensure continuous access to Symmetrel at a reasonable cost, individuals can benefit from medication refill services offered by online pharmacies or local drugstores. By setting up automatic refills or bulk orders, patients can avoid last-minute price hikes and ensure they have an adequate supply of Symmetrel when needed.


Overall, managing the cost of Symmetrel involves exploring various options, such as online pharmacy savings, prescription assistance programs, generic alternatives, and medication refill services. By researching available resources and taking advantage of cost-saving strategies, individuals can effectively reduce their expenses while receiving the essential antiviral treatment they require.

Statistics and Data:

Category Cost Range
Retail Price of 100 mg Symmetrel Tablet $60 – $90
Estimated Savings with Online Pharmacies Up to 50%
Discounted Rates from Prescription Assistance Programs Varies based on eligibility
Generic Alternatives Cost Savings Approximately 30-80% cheaper

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