North Point Douglas
Women's Centre

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Board of Directors


Tia Davis a mother of three daughters. She is engaged in volunteer activities with establishments such as Modern Woodmen Of America and many others. She is also actively trying to attract her children working with her. She is passionate about working and helping women. She started working in this women’s center in 2009 and is still useful.


Madison Rice is graduated from the University of West Georgia. She is eager to agitate nonviolence and patience. For some period of time during studying, she was engaged in cooperation with some charity organizations. She returned her path to home and started working with women’s center.


Mia became a part of this center in 2010. She is a safety counseling who constantly insists on education and proper informedness of women.


Denise lives in Douglas for a long time being a bookkeeper. She is constantly ready to cooperate with and help in any possible way.


Advocacy and Peer Support Coordinator

Maddison has engaged in charity organizations for 15 years already. She has 2 sons. She has begun her career from a volunteer going on to step up the ladder. Her main passion is to help women gain their rights. She cannot observe how they suffer from inequality. Our modern world deserves us the right for equality and I am ready to fight for their rights.


Volunteer Coordinator

Aaliyah graduated from Georgia Southwestern State University. Aaliyah started taking part in this project as a person helping to control the conflicts. Her desire to help women help her reach our center and what she has at the moment. She lives on the farm and is ready to expand and enrich her world when helping women.


Basic Needs Coordinator

Sophie was born in Douglas. She finished school in 2009. Sophie first got involved with the Centre when she was engaged in the performance of another non-profit organization. In 2014, she gave birth to her first daughter and after a year returned to work with our center as basic need coordinator.