Safety Program

Everyone has a necessity to feel safe. All members of My Canadian Pharmacy team are personally responsible for ensuring it. We thoroughly approach risk reduction methods by combining a balanced, informed approach to ensuring security with training programs and involving employees in the process of maintaining security in daily activities.

Our primary goal in the field of safety is to reduce the number of accidents at work to zero. To successfully overcome it, we pay great attention to the education and training of personnel. Before starting work at our facility and at our customers’ facilities, we assess risks, identify and eliminate threats to personnel safety and prevent the development of dangerous situations.

In 2018, our team successfully tested a safety predictive program that reduced the number of troubles by 50 percent. The program uses practical training and instruction, uses digital technology to assess employees’ behavior.

The benefits of these programs extend far beyond the workplace. Having mastered safety skills at work, our employees also use them after working hours, increasing the safety of their families.


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