Pharmacy Statistics in the USA

Americans enjoy expanding access to medications. They save money thanks to online pharmacies.

Fewer people in America miss drug use in 2015. Due to the high cost of prescription drugs, many people in America are faced with a tough choice between meeting their drug needs and paying for basic necessities such as renting a house or eating. Often, due to the high cost of medications, many people neglect their use, which puts them at risk or at least reduces the overall effectiveness of other drugs.

Recent studies by the Commonwealth Foundation have reported the following alarming statistics:

  • in 2012, approximately 50 million Americans, between the ages of 19 and 64, did not take their prescribed medications because of its high cost;
  • in 2014, statistics showed 35 million people who refused to take drugs for the same reason;
  • in 2015, the number of Americans skipping their medications decreased by another 12%.

What influenced such a positive trend?

It is assumed that the reason for such changes was several factors such as:

the creation of the Obamacare program, whose main task is to reform the healthcare system and protect patients. This system implies the introduction of the obligation for US citizens to purchase health insurance if they are not insured (at the same time subsidies are provided for the poor ), as well as improve the conditions of medical insurance of citizens who already have an insurance policy;

Online pharmacies in America help people get their medications.

Another factor is the role of international online pharmacies which appeared not so long ago and offer free access to medications.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that 75 % of Americans rely on Canadian online pharmacies to buy the medications they need at a lower price. These are people who theoretically would not have access to prescription medications.

How secure are online pharmacies?

Unfortunately, along with honest online pharmacies, there is an increasing number of dishonest, unprincipled online pharmacies that deal with fraud, deceiving the public and selling fake medications. Therefore, it is very important to have knowledge in this area for potential customers of online pharmacies. If you are one of the millions of people in America who are wondering if they can afford to buy medications in an online pharmacy, then you can be sure that Canadian online pharmacy guarantees you top-quality medications online. You are welcome!


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