North Point Douglas
Women's Centre

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The North Point Douglas Women’s Centre was initiated as a project in 2000, sponsored by the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg.  At that time, the need for a women’s centre in North Point Douglas neighbourhood was identified by the community women who were brought together through development of the North Point Douglas Project for Women.  The primary issues identified were the lack of resources and services in the area, poverty, and poverty-related conditions.

The North Point Douglas Project for Women was developed as and empowerment project in recognition of women’s generally unequal position in society, their unique needs, and the important role they have in planning at the community level to enhance social, economic, and environmental conditions for themselves and their families.

Project Principles included:

  • local control and leadership
  • participatory process that re inclusive of women from the diverse ethno-cultural backgrounds who live in
  • partnerships within the community and with the larger Winnipeg community
  • development of programs and activities that recognize and build on existing skills

From the project grew the North Point Douglas Women’s Centre.  The Centre is envisioned by community women to be hub where women and their families gather.

womanThe Centre’s mandate is to provide women in the North Point Douglas neighbourhood with a secure place to build and access social networks, resources, programs and activities to create a safe, healthy community for themselves and family.

The North Point Douglas Women’s Centre was developed to bring women together to identify community issues, develop solutions and set and act on priorities to address poverty and poverty related conditions in the neighbourhood.

This image comes from a flow chart that was made in 2001, highlighting what the women in the community were looking for and how they were going to make it happen.