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What Are Weight Loss Drugs?

Obesity is a complex disease, the main symptom of which is an increase in body weight to a level above the established norm. The calculation is carried out according to a special technique. The World Health Organization reports about 40% of obese people. The tendency to increase the number of “patients” is growing over the years. Obesity pills are one of the possible measures. But, you need to understand two points: There can be many reasons for being overweight: endocrine pathologies, psychological addictions, and others; There will be no sense in taking medications for weight loss if you do not keep…

How to Become a Pharmacist in Canada?

In order to work in the pharmaceutical field, there is no need to take a full course in university. Canada offers a wide selection of professional programs in colleges. It provides good training for work in this industry, either in an administrative position or in laboratories. Before choosing a specialty in pharmaceuticals, you need to know which specialists are in demand in this industry and what are the areas of training in this specialty. Briefly about this profession The profession of a pharmacist is quite diverse in applications. Basically, these specialists are employed in pharmacies, acting as sellers of drugs….

Dietary Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

Dietary supplements are biologically active additives with a herbal composition that are taken regularly, often during eating. Gradually, such remedies improve the quality of erection, the composition of sperm, improve and prolong sex. Dietary supplements can be released in the form of tablets, capsules, powder or therapeutic drops. Before taking dietary supplements, consider the following nuances: Carefully study the composition, make sure that you are not allergic to the components; Start with the minimum dosage, you can increase it gradually; Before taking such products, find out at what stage your disease is (in some cases, only medications will help); Observe…

Red Road To Healing

Red Road to Healing is is a program for women who have experienced family violence and are ready to move forward in their healing journey. A program psychologist notes that women subjected to family violence should not keep silent but to contact the police. The relevance of the problem One of the main trends of modern crime in Canada is the high level of violent crime, including serious crimes against the person. The family sphere has traditionally been most affected by violence; a high threshold of tolerance for violence in family relations contributes to its growth. Many people think that since today this is not happening in…

Online Counselling

With convenient online consultations provided by the specialists of My Canadian Pharmacy, the patient does not need to go anywhere, stand in a queue, contact with other customers — he or she can get a consultation at home at a convenient time. Our experience shows that online consultation works effectively if there is a large distance between the customer and the pharmacist. We remove this distance and even boundaries. For example, a pharmacist from Canada can consult a customer from the United States. All you need is access to the Internet.

8 Rules To Take Drugs Correctly to Avoid Side Effects

Rule 1. Dosage frequency When prescribing pills several times a day, most doctors have in mind the day – not the 15-17 hours that we usually stay awake, but 24 hours. It happens because the heart, liver, and kidneys work around the clock. The cells work without interruptions, lunch, and sleep. As a result, the intake of tablets should be divided as evenly as possible. The interval between a double dose should be 12 hours, three times – 8, four times – 6. This does not mean that patients should jump out of bed every night. There are not so…

Understanding Prescription Medication Labels

The instructions for the use are important information for those who want to take it. The survey shows that there are still many patients who, despite having instructions, feel nevertheless more likely insecure than well-informed about the use of this medication. According to health authorities, from 16 000 to 25 000 people in the well-developed country die every year from certain drugs. The contents of the instructions for use Name of the drug: The note “comp” or “plus” after the name of the drug indicates that the corresponding preparation contains a combination of many substances. The note “mono”, on the…

Male Depression: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Male depression is a serious problem, mainly because many of its cases are left untreated. Severe depression occurs in approximately 10-17% of men throughout their lives, but only a few seek medical help. Most often this happens because men hide their depression. Most likely, you will not notice the classic signs of depression. Instead, they express their sadness in the form of anger, irritability, or reckless behavior. This article discusses the symptoms and causes of this disorder, the differences between male and female depression, and how to help someone you love. What is depression? Depression is a mental disorder in…


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