Online Counselling

Online Counselling

With convenient online consultations provided by the specialists of My Canadian Pharmacy, the patient does not need to go anywhere, stand in a queue, contact with other customers — he or she can get a consultation at home at a convenient time.

Our experience shows that online consultation works effectively if there is a large distance between the customer and the pharmacist. We remove this distance and even boundaries. For example, a pharmacist from Canada can consult a customer from the United States. All you need is access to the Internet.

When is online counseling useful?

  • You do not have the opportunity or time to visit a doctor;
  • Your problem is too delicate or seems insignificant for a visit to the doctor.
  • You need to specify the dosage of the drug and have no time to go to the pharmacy to find it out;
  • You are concerned about contraindications to the drug. Of course, you have read the instructions for use but you still want to learn the opinion of a specialist;
  • The doctor prescribed an expensive drug to you and you need a cheaper analogue;
  • With the help of online counseling, you can reduce the number of trips to the doctor. The pharmacist will ask you about the symptoms and advice on the choice of medications.

Keep in mind that if your symptoms are severe, online counseling cannot be used as a replacement for a doctor’s consultation. You can contact us to discuss minor issues only.

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