How Can I Get Home Delivery?

Buying medicines is far from the most enjoyable experience. Most of us visit pharmacies with a sense of anxiety. Of course, it is better not to deal with them but there are unforeseen situations and all kinds of epidemics when health requires support.

My Canadian Pharmacy offers home delivery of medications and this service is especially useful if you constantly have to be with a laid up patient and do not have the opportunity and time to look for the necessary medications; or if it is necessary to urgently transfer medications to relatives and friends living in the other end of the city or even in another country. Choosing home delivery of drugs, you will solve two problems at once: help your relatives and save your own time on the road.

In what other cases is a home delivery service is helpful?

  • You are sick and cannot leave the house;
  • An online pharmacy offers a geographically inconvenient point for pickup;
  • You are too busy at work and there is no way to go to a pharmacy.

In addition, not all pharmacies deliver drugs and other goods to your house door. You’ll have to go to a pharmacy but it’s wiser to entrust this task to the professionals.

The courier will bring the parcel to your home, office, out of town or to the desired destination.

Delivery of goods is carried out in the shortest possible time. You can find out its exact cost after submitting your order. We currently ship drugs using Regular Mail ($10) and EMS ($30). You can pay for the service by credit card or using electronic wallets. You can also get free shipping if your order reaches $ 200 (Regular Mail) and $ 300 (EMS).

In order to order medications with home delivery, you can fill out a simple order form on our website.


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