Can You Compound My Prescription?

Can You Compound My Prescription_

Today, some pharmacies prepare drugs on prescription. This helps to ensure an individual approach to each person, to take into account the characteristics of his or her body.

Why are compounding pharmacies needed?

A situation where the necessary drug is not available in pharmacies is not uncommon. But drug compounding will help not only in this case but also in other situations:

  • if the available preparations do not contain the desired dosage of active ingredients;
  • if you have an allergic reaction to substances contained in the necessary product;
  • if you need the safest medicine for a small child or pregnant woman;
  • if you need specific drugs for the elderly with special reactions;
  • if you need to take into account all the individual differences of the body or to ensure the use of a non-standard drug.

All medicines produced by compounding pharmacies undergo strict control. The plant raw materials used in the preparation of preparations are carefully checked – they undergo radiological and toxicological control.

To ensure that the compounded products are of the highest quality, pharmacies manufacture them in accordance with the current licensing conditions:

  • cleanliness requirements;
  • ventilation system with three-stage air purification (ensures the absence of harmful substances, viruses and microorganisms);
  • necessary humidity and temperature conditions;
  • special equipment for the preparation of medicines and storage of raw materials (sterilizers and water distillers, a device for the manufacture of ointment base, fume hood and refrigeration units);
  • packaging for medicines (glass jars and bottles with first opening control, bottles with special pipettes for various drops – they do not scratch the baby’s nose and are comfortable to use).

Drugs are compounded by experienced pharmacists. Such medicines do not contain preservatives, dyes, stabilizers, which are present in finished medicines.

Common medicinal forms that can be prepared individually under a prescription are as follows:

  • drops;
  • ointments;
  • powders;
  • paste;
  • dusting powder;
  • potions;
  • solutions;
  • suspensions;
  • suppositories;
  • emulsions;
  • antibiotics and drugs for newborns;
  • homeopathic medicines;
  • electrophoresis solutions.

Many of our customers contact us with the question: “Can you compound my prescription?» Well, regretfully, this service is currently unavailable at our drugstore. Catch up with our website’s news to be the first to learn about any changes.


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