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How do we use cookies?

We can use cookies for various purposes depending on its type:

  • Basic cookies. We may use a limited number of cookies necessary for the specific services you requested or for security purposes. In particular, if you are registered on the site or use the client portal, we can use cookies to authenticate the personal computer or mobile device that you use.
  • Work Cookies. We allow third parties to use cookies for statistical and evaluation purposes in order to collect and store general information. These files provide information on an aggregate basis, that is, they do not define your identity. We use aggregate reports to understand how our site is used and improve its functionality for our audience.
  • Functional Cookies. Many cookies are also designed to ensure your optimal use of the website by identifying your computer or mobile device on a unique but anonymous basis. These cookies can, for example, remember your language settings or find out the latest activity of an individual in one session.

The use of cookies

The cookies we use are a recognized part of e-commerce. They are important for your use of our websites. The work of cookies allows us to know our audience as a whole and improve the performance of our website so that it meets your needs and expectations. Many functional cookies are essential for the operation of our website. The cookies we use allow us to conduct online business. Our site and services, or part thereof, may not function properly without cookies.

Links and third party rights to use information

The site contains or may contain links to other websites. Content on these third parties’ resources is not examined, not controlled and not checked by the Administration for compliance, accuracy, reliability, and completeness. We do not bear any responsibility if the access to third-party sites was obtained, including the accuracy of the content, insult, opinions, reliability, privacy rules and/or other rules contained on third-party websites, and content created by third parties. We draw your attention that the privacy policy of these websites and the rules of use can significantly differ from those offered by other websites.

Warranty Disclaimer

The site administration is not responsible for interruptions in providing access to the Site via the Internet, including if these interruptions were caused by power supply problems; global interruptions in the work of the segments of the Internet; failures of routing systems; failures in the distributed domain name system; failures caused by attempts and/or unauthorized administration of Internet resources by third parties or DDOS attacks, in cases when such circumstances do not allow the User to access the website by indicating the address during the period of such circumstances; problems with your ISP, etc.

Responsibility of the parties

The administration is trying to ensure the user-friendly operation of the website but is not responsible for the complete or partial loss of the information, as well as for the insufficient quality or speed of the website.

The User agrees that the Administration at the appropriate request of the court, law enforcement authorities and in other cases provided for by the current legislation of Canada, may provide any information about the User.

In the event that any claims are submitted to the Administration as a result of this Terms and Conditions’ violation by the User, including, the User undertakes to accept all such claims and figure them out on their own and at their own expense.

If any third party in judicial or other manner disputes with the Administration is obligated to take part in the relevant proceedings. If the User does not take part in the proceedings or is unable to prove the lawfulness of the proper alienation of the exclusive right under this Agreement should inform the site administration timely.


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