North Point Douglas
Women's Centre

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Safety Programs

Responding to Domestic Violence  

Domestic Violence is a major form of violence experienced by women everywhere.  The Centre provides special care for women and families surviving domestic abuse. 

Two staff are specially trained in assisting women surviving domestic violence or stalking to get Protection Orders.  Staff also provide crisis counselling and support, assistance with protection planning, help in leaving a domestic violence situation, and setting up a new home. 

The Centre offers special programs each November during Family Violence Prevention Month.

Walking School Bus

The Walking School Bus employs three community women as monitors each of whom walks a route with up to 10 children.  Children are met at their homes and walk to and from school together.

Crime Reduction Planning  

The Centre facilitates a crime reduction planning process once a month.  Community residents meet regularly to plan activities and programs that help make North Point Douglas safer.  

The next meeting will be held at the North Point Douglas Women's Centre on January 8, 2014 at 6:00pm. Light snacks will be provided.

Austin Street Festival

An initiative of the Crime Reduction Meetings and co-sponsored by the Winnipeg Police Service, the Austin Street Festival is used as a way to bring neighbours together in a healthy and friendly setting.  Austin Street is closed to traffic and open to fun! 

Thanks to many generous community partners, the festival is entirely free.  It features a stage with live entertainment, a hotdog lunch, kids games and crafts, a dunk tank, and local information booths.  Held in August, this event has been running since 2010. 

3-year Safety Plan for the Point Douglas area

NPDWC, in conjuction with Health in Common, has compiled information shared with us by residents of Point Douglas to create a 3-year safety plan for the area. Information was gathered via surveys and 7 community forums, including one specifically for youth, and another for women. After many drafts and further input from other organizations in the area, we have released the finalised version of the safety plan below.