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My Canadian Pharmacy – A Wide Selection of Affordable Medications

My Canadian Pharmacy specializes in the sale of generic medicines. For many years, our company has been represented in the pharmaceutical market. Extensive experience allows us to be truly the best in our field and provide the best prices, the best service, the best quality, complete anonymity, and financial guarantees.

My Canadian Pharmacy

What can you buy here?

Our pharmacy offers to buy generics that are bioequivalent to the original drugs and have the same dose, dosage form, effectiveness, safety, route of administration, and quality. All our medications are manufactured in India, a country that has long been famous for its high-quality and affordable generics. All products we offer are certified and manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of the international standards for the production of drugs. This indicates the identity of not only the chemical formula of the originals and generics but also the production technology.

Generics: are they safe?

Some customers wonders which drug is safer: a branded original or a generic version? The answer is both. Regulatory requirements for generic drugs are as stringent as the for original ones. No one will allow to sell a semi-finished product with an unclear safety profile on the market, because responsibility is very great. Generic products should be as high quality, effective, pharmaceutically pure and stable as the original ones.

Why do we offer the lowest prices for drugs?

Low prices are a key competitive advantage of generic drugs. At the same time, the affordable cost does not at all indicate a lower quality: the thing is that manufacturers of pharmaceutical copies do not spend time and funds on developing and researching efficacy and safety since all these measures have already been taken. The cost of producing a copy of the drug is only 5% of the cost of the original. Thus, the retail price of the original and the generic can vary significantly, which makes the latter real salvation for those who cannot afford the extra costs.

Besides, My Canadian Pharmacy is an online store, which means we do not have to spend money on renting premises and paying to a large staff.

Our bestsellers

Below you can see only a few our bestsellers that have earned an excellent reputation to its quality and effect:

  • Ventolin inhaler is used to stop and prevent attacks of bronchospasm. It is also used as a component of the complex therapy of bronchial asthma and asthmatic status. For prophylactic purposes, the medication is used before direct contact of the patient with the allergen or before significant physical exertion. It is also prescribed for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is associated with reversible obstruction of the bronchi;
  • Generic Cialis is a pharmaceutical analogue of the branded medication Cialis. It is designed to correct erectile function and treat prostate adenoma. The drug has a unique property – prolonged action, which lasts up to 36 hours. It has a favorable safety profile, low risk of side effects and low cost;
  • Generic Viagra is a pharmaceutical replica of the famous blue pills for men. To date, this is the most popular drug used to increase male potency and expand sexual opportunities. The Indian medication differs from its branded counterpart only by the name on the package and much more affordable price;
  • Generic Levitra is a pharmacological copy of the second-generation PDE-5 inhibitor – Levitra. It is a worthy alternative to Viagra with a number of personal advantages: fewer side effects, reasonable cost, the ability to help men with diabetes and high blood pressure;
  • Wellbutrin is a selective inhibitor of the capture of norepinephrine and dopamine in neurons. It has a minimal effect on serotonin uptake and does not inhibit MAO. The drug becomes most effective after 3 hours. When taken with food, the content of the active component increases;
  • Claritin is used to eliminate the symptoms of year-round and seasonal allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, accompanied by itching and burning of the nasal mucosa, lacrimation, sneezing, itching, and burning of the conjunctiva of the eyes. Also, the drug is used for skin allergic diseases and in the treatment of chronic idiopathic urticaria.

Why buy drugs online?

Every person has often come across a situation when he or she needed medications. At this moment questions arise: Where to find the necessary drugs for treatment? How much do they cost? How to find time to search for drugs in the city’s pharmacies? Where to get advice?

You have to admit that the search for drugs in city pharmacies is quite tedious and time-consuming. Most people go to the nearest pharmacy, where they can find at least half of the medications prescribed by the doctor. Besides, you need to consider both the pharmacy’s working hours and your time, which you can set aside for a visit to the store! In addition, many people want to buy inexpensive medications but it turns out that the needed drugs are extremely costly! If it is necessary to take drugs on a regular basis, their cost becomes impressive. And here you begin to visit various stores, study the assortment, compare prices, manufacturers, dosages. These are very exhausting trips to different parts of the city. In addition, the drugs in local pharmacies are more expensive because their cost of is affected by the store’s rental costs.

A similar situation occurs when you start looking for drugs without the participation of a doctor on the advice of friends, acquaintances, relatives who used them, when they saw an advertisement for the drug on the Internet, on television, in periodicals. This mainly applies to drugs for the treatment of colds, drugs for weight loss, pills for erectile dysfunction. And you again begin to frantically search for drugs in pharmacies, not knowing the exact name of medicines, not understanding the dosages, regimen, contraindications and side effects, etc.

Conclusion: the search for drugs in city pharmacies is quite a tedious and nervous activity, which takes a lot of time and energy that you could devote to your family and friends, your favorite business and hobbies, leisure.

What is the way out of this situation? This is the website of My Canadian Pharmacy.

Our mission and goals

We want to become a reliable help for you in a situation where you need medications for treatment, With us, you do not have to waste your precious time on the unsystematic and convulsive search for drugs in city pharmacies. You can be sure that we will support you and provide you with the necessary treatment options! We are always happy to see you in our pharmacy, in addition, we are ready to solve all your health problems remotely, without distracting you from current activities.

We focus on people who consider online shopping with home delivery a common and usual thing. We are constantly improving the mechanism of online ordering, striving to make the entire process fast, convenient and easy. However, our specialists will be happy to help you have any questions. Remember that we are focused primarily on becoming your regular partner and help in difficult times.

Our advantages

Here you can always:

  • get online counceling from an experienced pharmacist on the use of a medicine (including side effects, contraindications, the possibility of taking it with other drugs at the same time), advice on replacing it with an inexpensive analogue;
  • find out the cost of the drugs that you need for treatment, including course use, select the required number of drugs for the initial course of administration, determine the timing of the next purchase so that there is no interruption in therapy;
  • get everything you need without wasting time and nerves on the tedious search for drugs in city pharmacies;
  • study a wide selection of medications for various conditions;
  • get the needed medications delivered right to your house door!

Quality guarantee

We have all the necessary documentation. We only cooperate with reliable and time-tested suppliers and guarantee that our medicines are high-quality, have the appropriate manufacturer certificates and sufficient shelf life. When accepted from suppliers, all medical products undergo thorough incoming control, during which the experts check the expiration dates, package integrity, and the serial numbers of drugs. This process is fully automated and allows us to determine the counterfeit with a 100% guarantee. Besides, we strictly observe the conditions for their storage and transportation.

Customer reviews

Jack: “Thank you very much! You really helped me. I could not find the needed drug in my city. The medicine arrived in the correct quantity and dosage, with a normal shelf life. Special thanks from my mom – I ordered this drug to treat her asthma!”

Mark: Ordered several times. Quite satisfied!”

Scarlett: “Good pharmacy! The parcel arrived in 3 days. I was a bit nervous since it was my first order and I know that there is a huge number of scammers in the internet. Now I am sure this store is honest!”

Troy: “Many thanks to this pharmacy. The package arrived in 5 days. No cheating. Received exactly what I ordered. Medicines with a long shelf life, which is important. I am very glad that I found such a cool pharmacy, now I know where to order meds. Thank you very much.”

Alan: “The pharmacy is nice, I ordered some medications for hypertension, the order was delivered in a week.”

Jennifer: “Paid for an order using a credit card. Processing and delivery took only a week. Thanks!”

Kevin: “I’ve just received the parcel. I will recommend this online pharmacy to my friends. No issues.”

Michael: “Many thanks to the pharmacy workers. I ordered pills that were difficult to buy in my town. Polite staff and fast delivery. Excellent pharmacy! I recommend it to everyone.”

John: “Ordered a drug, which has not been available in my city for a year. Paid using a credit card. The order was delivered within a week. The drug was effective. I will continue to order online since there is such a mess with supplies in my city.”

My Canadian Pharmacy mentions the name of the Women’s Resource Centre located in North Point Douglas, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. However, we are in no way related to this company.

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