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Prices in Switzerland greater than in Other European Countries

The prescription drug price in pharmacies in Switzerland is 25% higher than in Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France and Austria.

According to the Swiss healthcare organization Santésuisse, the markup on prescription drugs including Viagra in Switzerland is, on average, 25% higher than in the rest of Europe. During the study, experts compared Swiss prices with prices in 6 European countries: Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France and Austria. As a result, many Europeans prefer buying generic Viagra and other meds online from international drugstores. Get to know the details about such affordable medications here

The Price for Medications in Switzerland Becomes Higher than in other European CountriesTo sum up, this healthcare organization selected 6,700 items of drugs, the costs of which are reimbursed at the expense of health insurance. The markup is calculated, that is, the difference between the cost of the drug at the manufacturing outlet and on the shop windows. Pharmacies are the most important sales channel (58%).

The researchers estimated that of the 4.8 billion francs transferred by insurance companies in 2010 for prescription drugs, 1.3 billion francs were overpaid due to the markup.

Concluding that Swiss people pay a quarter of the rates more than their European neighbors, Santésuisse demands that the markup in the country be adjusted to an average indicator of 6 European countries. According to insurers, this measure will save 300 million francs. This figure corresponds to 1.5% of annual markup.

In order to achieve competitive and reasonable prices, insurance companies offer to discuss the size of the markup, along with trading partners. However, to make such a step, a revision of the federal decree will be required.

The ruling may be reconsidered and updated by the end of 2012. If during this time the parties do not reach a single agreement, the markups will be fixed by special decree in accordance with the requirements of Santésuisse and price monitoring.

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